The Beginning of the Lost Millennial


Hello everyone! I am knew to all of this so please bare with me and feel free to leave me some feedback. So here it goes…

On the edge of an existential crisis I decided that I was going to forget everything society told me I had to do and just jump. I have always been the person with a thought out plan and steps to get there. For the first time in my life I have decided to just leap into the unknown and see what happens. I am only a few weeks away from graduating with my BA in psychology and I have no idea what I plan to do with it or why I was even convinced this was my only option in the first place. I love to work with people, help others, provide some type of service or specialty to others, and have flexibility in my life. I thought that it meant I had to be a counselor or therapist to do this, because it was what I was conditioned to believe, “you have to go to college” or “you need a degree”. Now that I am about to have my degree the only thing I hear is “what are you going to do next” or “now you’ll get a great job, right?” Wrong! I will have an expensive piece of paper that barely qualifies me for alternate jobs and my bachelor’s degree will not get me that much closer to my dreams as a whole. Thus, starts the story of the lost millennial.

In five weeks, and counting, I will have degree in hand and still so many questions unanswered. I finally took the time to stop and think about what makes me happy and what I would enjoy if money was no issue. That’s when it hit me, beauty school. This is something I really enjoy, love doing, can help people, be kind to people, and provide a great service. I couldn’t wait to spread my word about the life changing decision I had made, until I started to get the responses from my family and friends. Why? That was the most common reaction, why? Everyone thought that because I was finishing school I would just be happy continuing with it and would land this amazing job (if only it was this simple).

I found myself having to stop and explain every step of my decision to people. I had to hear the stories about their decisions at my age and what they wish they would have done. It’s not that I don’t appreciate all the advise and life experience, the issue is that I shouldn’t have to justify my life choices and hang on the validation of others. This is such a common occurrence within the millennial generation. We hear how we are so different, we’re lazy, we don’t work hard, or that we want everything handed to us. I am not here waiting for handouts, I am working hard to make a place for myself in this world. We, as millennials, should have the freedom to try to find our place in the world. Our world is a rapidly changing place, what worked 20+ years ago most likely work now.

I intend for my posts to be my outlet during this adventure while giving guidance and inspiration for others. I hope you will all join me on this journey to find my place in the world and have some fun pit stops on the way.